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Li Zongrui’s Sex Scandal (Videos + Pics) But not enough videos and pictures Scandal.


Li Zongrui’s Sex Scandal (Full Scandal)

Despite his arrest more alleged Justin Lee sex videos surface. Justin Lee is obviously not the source of the leaks we have been seen in this scandal. The Taipei Times is reporting:
More sex videos allegedly filmed by Justin Lee (李宗瑞) have been circulating since Monday, with investigators saying it was difficult to prevent the videos from spreading. At least 10 new sex films apparently related to the Lee case have entered circulation on Monday. In those films, someone resembling Lee is seen engaging in sexual acts with several young women. The films were shot in the same room, which is believed to be a room in Lee’s residence. Taipei District Prosecutors’ Office spokesman Huang Mo-hsin (黃謀信) yesterday confirmed that the new films were being circulated and added that investigators were still looking into their origin. Huang said the circulation of such material may have violated regulations concerning the distribution of sexual material and offenses against privacy, and warned people to stop spreading them. Lee, who has been accused of drugging and raping a number of women, among them celebrities, and filming the acts, turned himself in to prosecutors on Thursday after three weeks on the run.

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LZR_A2.rar.001 LZR_A2.rar.002
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LZR_C1.rar.001 LZR_C1.rar.002 LZR_C1.rar.003 LZR_C1.rar.004 LZR_C1.rar.005
LZR_C2.rar.001 LZR_C2.rar.002 LZR_C2.rar.003 LZR_C2.rar.004 LZR_C2.rar.005
LZR-D.rar.001 LZR-D.rar.002 LZR-D.rar.003 LZR-D.rar.004 LZR-D.rar.004 LZR-D.rar.005
LZD-Bonus.rar.001 LZD-Bonus.rar.002 LZD-Bonus.rar.003 LZD-Bonus.rar.004 LZD-Bonus.rar.005 LZD-Bonus.rar.006 LZD-Bonus.rar.007

Update 8/30/2012 new Li Zongrui’s Sex Scandal (16 videos)

Title: Update 8/30/2012 new Li Zongrui’s Sex Scandal (16 videos)

Added on: August 30th, 2012

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