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Singaporean Model Sherry Phairin Sex Scandal

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Singaporean Model Sherry Phairin Sex Scandal

Sherry Phairin

Please like Sherry Phairin’s Facebook page:

I stay in a hotel style bedroom and allow photographers to come to my room for photoshoots, you can also booked my room for models photoshoots at cheap price for a day, I know alot of nice photoshoot studios at cheap price so you can contact me :) I also provide models for shoots :)

Follow me on instagram, twitter and facebook for more updates :)

instagram: www.instagram.com/sherryp9
twitter: www.twitter.com/sherryp9
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sherry.phairin9

Sherry Phairin

About Me:
Looking for a husband and a job :)
Dancer and model and entertainment talent ;)

If you looking to buy/sell/rent properties including interior design please contact me :D
I’m an insurance and investment agent now, if you refer clients to me we can work out a mutually beneficial arrangement….

Also does website designs and photography services and owns a modelling and events company, marketing and recruitment company :)

Join modelmayhem to spread my wings…
Have been doing modelling assignments since 18, am looking to expand my portfolio and gain more experience within the next few years…
Likes humour and fun :D

Won a major modelling contest and featured in many magazines….
After winning a major modelling contest Sherry was invited to act in several international productions on TV :)
Model for big corporations and brands in USA, Europe and Asia.
Based in Singapore, please read my profiles and not just look at my pictures :)

Am affiliated with glamour as I have an American uncle working in show business in Hollywood making American Hollywood movies :)

My relatives worked for the government in Singapore…

Am thai-chinese with Asia-Pacific families..
My stepfather have 15 brothers and sisters residing in Singapore & my mother have 12 brothers and sisters in Thailand in the food/farm business and I have an American uncle working in show business in Hollywood making American Hollywood movies and food and drinks business in Los Angeles :) My mother is Thai my biological father is chinese :) I have 3 brothers and 1 sister :)

Was working in the banks and IT companies for 7 years, am a little tired…
I’m an insurance and investment agent now :) If you refer clients to me, we can work out a mutually beneficial arrangement…..
Am doing freelance make-up and looking for photographers for my web-design and events company :) Working in a property marketing & advertising company now :)

Speak the national languages like basic Mandarin, Bahasa, Hindi, Cantonese, Hokkien, Thai, most populous languages of the world, so am an Asian expert, you can ask me anything you like about Asia :)

Likes musical instruments and sports!
Used to be a dancer during my teen days so like dancing, sorry no videos…
Aspiring singer…

Does only paid assignments, feels very comfortable in front of the camera…
If you’re looking for funny and a fun model, please message me :)
Am very passionate and have lots of chemistry with the camera…
Am flexible with any looks…

Am looking to do this on a freelance basis as just got out of the finance and IT industry…


My personal motto in life is to try everything once for experience :D

Having met several prominent figures, I’ve learnt that money buys confidence, I only wished I had lots of it :(

Interest is Languages, Sports, Movies, Photography, Web Design, Travel, Events, Work, Modelling, Music, Singing, Dancing, Cooking, Networking, Finance and Fintech

Lastly, my purpose in life is to advocate Science and Technology to the less fortunate –> http://www.scientificamerican.com/article.cfm?id=interactive-how-much-is-left

Email: [email protected]
Skype: sphairin
Another link with more modelling pictures :) –>

Sherry Phairin

Sherry Phairin

Am looking for happiness which will be in my future ;)

Also after losing a huge sum of money in stocks to a rogue stockbroker do I recommend people to be careful when it comes to investment :)

I have over 100,000 Facebook friends please PM me for my Facebook account :)
Thank you for connecting :)

Sherry Phairin

Never let anybody thrash your ego because everyone have their worth as a human being, if you find that person trying to belittle you, stay away for your own personal happiness, you’ll find that you will be a lot happier without them because they somehow have a mental problem! Happy International Happy Day Everyone :)
Don’t listen to the advise of others unless you want to live the life they live.

Sherry Phairin

God have really made me work so hard, really need a break!

I don’t play the mysterious lady or am attracted to mystery, I find mystery a waste of time, no offense :) Mystery is just a nice word for dodgy so looking for more exposure :)

Time is really scary and past by really fast, just awhile ago I was a baby and now I’m a full working adult, so please don’t waste time and contact me for business or shoots :D
Let’s have fun as life is short!

Started a dating agency:

Sherry Phairin
Dear All,
In line with our expansion, we have set up a dating agency :) We will be organising a weekly social gathering of games and fun every Wednesday , Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 7.45pm to 10.45pm at a hotel room in Novotel highest floor. The participants will be paid female models and male participants. The female sexy models will be dressed in a sexy costume :) Theme for the event will be sexy costumes for the female models.

Sherry Phairin
The event cost will be SGD$150 per session inclusive of drinks and snacks and fees paid to the hotel and models. It will be a very fun and enjoyable session with the female models and I do hope you’ll turn up for the event. Interested participants keen to attend please whatsapp me at +65 98597726 or email me at [email protected], please spread the message around people.
Looking forward to see you and I’ll be your host for the events :)

Sherry Phairin
Each event/session will have different models and participants just FYI :)
Come meet our sexy models!
Soure: http://istudio.com/36965

Screen Videos:
Click Images To Lagger
Sherry Phairin
Sherry Phairin

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