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Singaporean GIRL Alicia Low Jia Hui SEX VIDEO LEAKED

I feel troubled writing to your site, especially because it involves someone I know well, but I cannot stay silent any longer. Recently on multiple forums and tumblr blogs, there is this girl who is being mentioned and there are references to a certain sex video that has been widely circulated. Her name is Alicia and she was from ITE College East a few years ago. She is 20 years old now. (Editor, please censor her name if you deem it necessary). She is staying at Woodlands. I have attached her photo to this submission, but would appreciate it if you can help to censor her face. If you want to use any other photo, you can take from her instagram and censor her face. I’m writing to your site because I have disturbing news about her. She has a boyfriend who really loves her. But she has cheated on him with a bangladeshi and that is the sex video that has been leaked online. Her face is clearly visible in the sex video and she does not seem to be under any compulsion. According to the parts of the sex video that I have seen, she has performed oral sex on the bangladeshi guy and she was also vaginally penetrated by him. How was the sex video leaked? The bangla filmed himself having sex with her and leaked it after he got bored with having sex with her. That’s what she didn’t expect. I am not a racist. I am not against the bangla. But it is seriously unfair to her boyfriend who really dotes on her and buys her gifts. Please share this news. Even if you do not name the girl, at least I feel that I have done my part in letting her boyfriend know. He is a nice guy and does not deserve to be treated like this. She is all smiles when she is with him, but she’s perfectly okay with cheating on him with other guys. He is wasting his time dating her and buying her gifts when she is already having sex with other guys behind his back. Furthermore, her boyfriend is serving NS right now. Is it fair for him to serve the country when his girlfriend is having sex with a foreigner each time he books in? He will be better off knowing about it. Yes, it may hurt. But at least he will not be manipulated and tricked into wasting more of his time with a girl who is not a virgin and who obviously does not want him.
Here are the links to the sex videos of her cheating on her boyfriend with the bangla: I shared this news with your site instead of the mainstream media, because I trust that you will not send reporters to Alicia’s boyfriend’s house or violate his privacy in any way. He is the innocent party here. — This e-mail was sent from a contact form on AsianScandal.Net – Asian Sex Scandal (http://www.asianscandal.net) Foreign boyfriend Alicia Low Jia Hui
She gave me a blowjob I will never forget. Sucked my balls dry and thanked me for letting her have all my cum. I have more photos of her and other young girls.
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Singaporean GIRL Alicia Low Jia Hui SEX VIDEO LEAKED

Title: Singaporean GIRL Alicia Low Jia Hui SEX VIDEO LEAKED

Added on: December 30th, 2016

Category: Blowjob, Scandal

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