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Sire Ma Hongkong actress scandal video and photo

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Sire Ma Hongkong actress scandal video and photo

Sire Ma in hot soup again after steamy dance clip and racy photo go viral. Scandal TVB actress Sire Ma Leaked photo
A private video clip of Sire Ma (馬賽) in lingerie was recently leaked on the Internet. In the half-minute clip obviously meant to tease her lover, Sire’s intimate parts were revealed in the sheer outfit as she danced and touched herself inside a hotel room.


Sire Ma’s reputation was tarnished after she was photographed locking lips, with her lesbian lover, Wang Ziqi last year.

Yesterday, Sire’s image suffered another blow when a steamy dance clip of her went viral. In the half minute clip, the 26-year-old was dancing seductively in a skimpy and see-through black lingerie, in which her intimate parts were exposed at a glance.

Within the same day, another racy photo of Sire started to circulate on the web. In that photo, a topless Sire was seen lying on bed, with her hand clasping her breasts.

Responding on her scandalous clip and photo, the TVB actress has released a statement:

1) I do not have the clip or photo. I have reported the case to the police and contacted my lawyer to investigate how the clip was leaked. Because it intrudes my privacy, I will reserve the right to take the legal action.

2) In my previous relationship, I gave my true love and made sacrifices, and had blindly trusted a person. After being hurt for so many times, I am sure I had loved the wrong person. The past is the past. I hope I can walk down the road bravely.

Sire Ma Hongkong actress scandal video and photo

3) I felt terrible seeing the encouraging messages by family and friends. I have caused them worry and upset once again. It’s me who have hurt them. I apologise once again for my willful past behaviour.

4) After all the experiences this year, I have grown up quickly. The road to future is tough, but I will cherish every opportunity and will work harder to be a better person.

Last, I want to thank all my family and friends who have doted and supported me. Your encouragement give me courage. With your love, I am not afraid to face the storm!

In Sire’s statement, she hinted that the video could be leaked by her ex-lover. Fingers were pointing to mainland businesswoman, Wang Ziqi, who parted with Sire on a bad note.

Wang has since denied the malicious act, and released a statement, saying that she would take legal action against the untrue accusations. Wang, however, claimed that during her relationship with Sire, she had received similar clips and photos from her.

“When Sire and I were dating, she often sent me similar videos or photos via WeChat. However, I have seen her true nature and deleted them long ago. I am not sure why her clip and photo was circulating around.”

Sire Ma Hongkong actress scandal video and photo

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Sire Ma born 31 July 1987 is a Chinese actress based in Hong Kong. Her birth name is 司馬賽兒 (pinyin:Sīmǎ sài er, jyutping:Si1Maa5Coi3Yi4). She was the 2nd runner up at the Miss Hong Kong Pageant 2008, simultaneously winning the Miss Photogenic Award. She later went to participate in the Miss International 2008, but was unplaced. She was graduated from Hong Kong Baptist University.

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