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Hot Girl League of Legends Live Sex

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Hot Girl League of Legends Live Sex

League of Legends
This streamer female named Yi Yi, one of the famous caster and has many followers on TV YY port – China. Not to mention she is also seen as a pretty hot girl is more talented League of Legends players noticed until recently climbed high level players in the Chinese server system.
YY女主播啪啪樂 [親傳休閒小棧]
League of Legends
Besides Yi Yi is also seen as one of the highly educated female caster, to know she is studying medicine holds an MBA specialized medical care for children. It even caused her to become educated respected in the eyes of everyone: both do well, just play the game or, even know dance. There are even rumors suggest that her boyfriend is the director of a well-known real estate company in Shanghai.
League of Legends
But one day, one of the first surprise hit with visitors to her stream channel is the Holy Spirit was drinking with sad faces and a lot of people paid attention, but she still did not say reasons but then 10 minutes, she gave a very bizarre suggestion: “If after one play Alliance games with me and help me win, I’ll share some exciting moments of my own that surely everyone wants to see. ”
Shortly thereafter, “Yi Yi” acceptance lost and make viewers cringe as she quickly took off the costume and scene innocent relationship with an unidentified man. But only just over 1 minute presentation, streamed her account is locked again by all channels.

Even then clips live over 1 minute long which is shared in the online community dizziness China. Weibo personal account of Ganoderma also be locked and even her relatives also told not communicate via mobile phone number. Just know that the stream channel management has informed the police and asked her to explain the incident.
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