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Joal Ong's 58 sex tape videos with Janella Ooi Bunnyjanjan, bellywellyjelly, Xuen Yen, Abbey Tan, and Christabel Chua


Joal Ong (thejoalong@hotmail.com), Telephone Number: 97382714, Address: Blk 1G, 1 Cantonment Road 080001 Cantonment, Cantonment SG

1. Janella Ooi(Bunnyjanjan)58部视频 11.6GB


2. Christabel Chua (Bellywellyjelly) 49部 6.5GB

Christabel Chua

3. Abbey Tan (Abimonsta)14部 2.8GB

Abbey Tan

4. XuenYen 9部 1.5GB

XuenYenYenYen.rar @ALL: Password: AsianScandal.Net Recently, a large number of sex videos of Singapore and Malaysian Internet Red were circulated on the Internet, and the male lead was found to be the same person through comparisons with netizens. He is a well-known travel blogger in Singapore, “Joal Ong”, who often poses for a group photo with her girlfriend’s “Jelly” on the web. Now, with 58 videos being spread, he has also been sneaked into other women’s online events. , The related community accounts are now closed. According to statistics, a total of involved Janella Ooi Bunnyjanjan, bellywellyjelly, Xuen Yen, Abbey Tan, Christabel Chua
狮城冠希被曝性爱视频不止58部,一共有58+49+14+9。 Janella Ooi(Bunnyjanjan)58部视频 11.6GB Christabel Chua (Bellywellyjelly) 49部 6.5GB Abbey Tan (Abimonsta)14部 2.8GB XuenYen 9部 1.5GB
According to the Malaysian media "Dai Xi Entertainment", the length of this sex movie ranged from 10 seconds to 6 minutes. Although the heroine was not the same, the netizens judged from the actor's penis and physical characteristics seemed to be the same person. The actor is "Wang Xing travel video blogger (Joal Ong)" who is known as "Singapore's face value and figure first".

Janella Ooi Bunnyjanjan」:

「Xuen Yen」

「Abbey Tan」

Christabel Chua

After the outbreak of the incident, the “Tweets” and “IG” of the male and female parties have all been closed, and related news has also been blocked by the authorities. However, these out-of-flow sex videos are still spreading on the AsianScandal.Net 星国冠希Joal Ong性爱视频有Janella Ooi Bunnyjanjan58部视频、Bellywellyjelly49部、Abbey Tan (Abimonsta)14部、XuenYen 9部 Download Now

Download (Rapidgator):

Abbey Tan Bunnyjanjan Christabel Chua XuenYenYenYen.rar Email to info(@)sex-scandal.us

“Singapore Edison” Joal Ong’s 58 sex tape videos

Title: “Singapore Edison” Joal Ong’s 58 sex tape videos

Added on: April 30th, 2015

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