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Is Korea Hollywood = K-Pop Suicide Club ? Glamorous Ginseng Graveyard ?

Sounds like it because I am yet to find another spot on earth where there are so many earth shattering female cele-brity suicides as the land of Ginseng. Anyway, here is the listing of the Top Ten Korean Celebrities Suicides. Excuse the translation – Blame Google the world’s # 1 Useless Translator … Also, I simply have no clue how to even find out some of their names in English yet … Since the hearthbreaking suicide of Korean actress Lee Eun-ju six years ago, South Korea has recorded more than 20 other death of female celebrities – All commited suicides ! Two years ago, 26-year-old Jang Ja-yeon hanged herself at homeand, messages from her cellphone revealed she committed suicide because she simply couldn’t take Casting Couch Sex Scandal (Sex Slavery – xCommerce for favors) no more. Apparently, she has been arranged to sle-ep with some big  guns as part of the Casting Couch Culture (we call it ‘Kimchi Kulture‘) that is not only prevalent but is in fact a standard practice for anyone who wants to have any hope of any career advancement in the Korean Hollywood, which we Goodizen.com calls the “K-Pop Suicide Club” … Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf refers. Recently, Korean Hollywood is abuzzed with all sort sex scandals as mentioned in the following articles: -  
Critics believe the sex scandals are political conspiracy of the power-that-be in Korea to divert attention of the people away from the massive problems faced by the country. Let’s hope things will changed for the better in the near future. Honestly, I know nothing about the beautiful celebrities who have committed suicide below, but I am heartboken … they look very sweet, don’t they ? May God Bless Their Souls (and castrate Lil Johnny of those Casting Couch Bastarddds who caused these cuties to commit suicide !) NB: Appended the original text in Chinese below as they could be useful if you can find a better translator other than the hopeless Google Translator.

Lee Eun-ju

이은주 李恩宙 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lee_Eun-ju Lee Eun-ju December 22, 1980 (lunar November 16) was born in Korea,Gunsan, North Jeolla Province. Korean Movie Star line, acting class, is rare inSouth Korea’s top-level film and television actress. February 22, 2005 died at home and hanged himself, when he was 25 years old. 李恩宙1980年12月22日(农历11月16日)出生于韩国全罗北道群山市。韩国一线影视明星,演技一流,是韩国影视圈中不可多得的顶尖级女演员。2005年2月22日在家中上吊自杀身亡,时年25岁。

Go Woo Ri

고우리 高佑丽 Go Woo Ri – May 1981 3 was born in South Korea, already a famous child star in high school, looks sweet, sexy body, in 1998, with KBS drama ”Big people do not understand young people,” the official debut as an actor. 2005 worked withLee Jung-hyun, Jang Nara and other singers to participate in Jinan, China Song China and South Korea will be. January 21, 2007 died at home and hanged himself, when he was 25 years old 高佑丽1981年5月3日出生于韩国,高中时期就已是著名童星,长相甜美,身材性感,在1998年凭借KBS电视剧《大人们不懂年轻人》作为演员正 式出道。2005年曾与李贞贤、张娜拉等歌手一起到中国参加济南中韩歌会。2007年1月21日在家中上吊自杀身亡,时年25岁

Jeong Da-bin


http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeong_Da-bin Jung Da Bin In March 1982, was born 4 South Korea, due to the Yuan and thegold star ”house tower room on the cat” and became a hit, she plays the kind ofpetty, ordinary, stubborn girl is simply no one can match his, recognized by the people acting. In 2004, she and co-star Song Seung Hun, “that guy so cool,”South Korea’s new generation of successful interpretation of the life of theyearning and emotional. February 10, 2007 committed suicide at the age of 25years of age. 郑多彬 郑多彬1982年3月4日出生于韩国,因与金来沅主演《屋塔房上的小猫》而一炮走红,她所扮演的那种小气、平凡、倔强的女孩子简直无人能出其右,演 技受到了人们的认可。2004年,她又与宋承宪合演《那小子真帅》,成功诠释了韩国新新一代所向往的生活和情感。2007年2月10日自杀身亡,享年25 岁。

Choi Jin-sil

최진실 崔真实 Choi 1968 December 24, was born in Seoul, South Korea, the age of 20 due to filming MBC drama ”Korean Dynasty 500 years,” his debut as the “Queen ofadvertising” and “first Lady”, October 2, 2008, suffered “due to a loan shark toactor An Hwan caused his suicide in the ”rumors of trouble at home and committed suicide. 崔真实1968年12月24日出生于韩国首尔,20岁时因拍摄MBC剧集《朝鲜王朝500年》出道,成为“广告女王”和“第一代玉女”,2008年10月2日,遭受“因借高利贷给男演员安在焕而导致其自杀”传言的困扰,在家中自杀身亡。  

Jang Ja-yeon

장자연 张紫妍 Jang Ja-yeon December 1982 8 Sunrise was born in South Korea, due to filming”Lego biscuits” ad attracted much attention in CF, the official debut by the adinto the entertainment industry. Jang Ja-yeon bright eyes and fresh faces, and168cm of slender figure, attracted a lot of attention of attention. March 8, 2009,Zhang Zi Yan at home hanging suicide, aged 26 years. 张紫妍1982年12月8日出生于韩国,因拍摄“乐高饼干”的CF广告而受到瞩目,通过这则广告正式出道进入演艺界。张紫妍明亮的眼神和清爽的脸庞,以及168cm的纤瘦身材,引来了众多关注的视线。2009年03月08日,张紫妍在家中吊颈自杀身亡,终年26岁。  

In Cheng Yan ?

于承妍 Cheng Yan was born in 1985 in Seoul, South Korea, as a South Korean onlinebeauty into the entertainment industry, who starred in the film ”Herb”, comedyshort ”Yap” and other works, she recently starred in the “shadow murder” is stillreleased in South Korea. April 27, 2009 Cheng Yan located in Seoul, hanging dead in his home, at the age of 24 years of age. 于承妍 于承妍1985年出生于韩国首尔,作为韩国著名网络美女进军演艺圈,曾出演过电影《Herb》,喜剧短篇《Yap》等作品,她最近出演的《影子杀人》目前仍在韩国上映中。2009年4月27日于承妍在位于首尔的自己家中上吊身亡,享年24岁。  

Lihui Lin ?

李慧林 Lihui Lin (stage name: Usu) 1983 was born in Korea in 2000 as a magazine model began performing arts, he has done racing girls, models, etc. advertising.In August 2005, his debut as a racing girl, in June 2008 became a member ofgirl group SSEN into the music scene. Lihui Lin on October 23, 2010 committed suicide at his home, when he was 27 years old. 李慧林 李慧林(艺名:有珠)1983年出生于韩国,2000年作为杂志模特开始了演艺活动,曾先后做过赛车女郎、广告模特等。在2005年8月作为赛车女 郎出道, 2008年6月成为女子组合SSEN的一员进军歌坛。李慧林于2010年10月23日在自己家中自杀身亡,时年27岁。

Shang Hui Park ?

박혜상 朴慧尚 Park Hui Shang was born in 1981, graduated from the Korea Water Women’s University drama film professionals, who starred in 2005 adult CGV cable television comedy “Apgujeong Arirang” and took on many popular cosmeticsads. November 12, 2010, Park Hui is still home committed suicide, the age of 29. 朴慧尚 朴慧尚出生于1981年,毕业于韩国水源女子大学戏剧电影专业,曾在2005年出演CGV有线电视台的成人喜剧《鸭鸥亭阿里郎》,并接拍了众多热门化妆品的广告。2010年11月12日,朴慧尚在家中自杀身亡,年仅29岁。  

Yuri Kim

Kim Yuri 1989 Born December 5, South Korea, in 2007 by participating in”Super Model” select the fore, April 18, 2011 poison, only 22 years old. Shewrote back in 2005, ”Korea model stage is too small, you want to known is very difficult things,” such incredible words. 金宥利 金宥利1989年12月5日出生于韩国,在2007年通过参加“Super Model”选拔脱颖而出,2011年4月18日服毒自杀,年仅22岁。她早在2005年曾写“韩国模特儿舞台太小,想要出名是很难的事情”等令人匪夷所思的话语。 Sex-Scandal.Us

K-Pop Sex Scandal – Top Ten Cele-brity Suicides of Korea’s Entertainment World

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